Immigration has been the core issues for most Americans for decades now - both legal and illegal. The history of immigration in this nation over the last half century has been one of deceit and hostility towards the American population. The situation has deteriorated so badly that one of the two majopr parties openly opposes enforcing US laws on foreign nationals invading the nation. The other party vocalizes support but takes no action to enforce laws once in office. This has led to the rise of sanctuary cities that openly defy US laws, a judicial system that openly protects criminal aliens, and the calous disregarding of the deaths of millions of Americans who would still be alive and thriving if not for the illegal aliens that took their lives or the drugs that accompny that immigration.

We can no longer tolerate Republicans that pay lip service to enforcing US immigration laws but do nothing to enforce laws or alter policies once in office. It is time for the Republican party to live up its promises to the American people. For this reason, we will work with vetted candidates to replace Republican office holders who are not pushing to the make the following changes:

  • Immediate enforcement of all valid US immigration laws
  • No recognization of birthright citizenship to illegal aliens
  • An ending of the current lottery and chain migration systems

We will not surrender this nation to the false song of globalism. We will not allow Republican representatives to makes promises that they do not intend to keep.

Affirmative Action

If you read the Republican party platform for most states, you will find a plank that asserts that a goal of the party is to end racial and gender based programs in hiring, contracting, and legal protections. However, there has been no effort in the two generations to actually end these practices which are collectively known as "affirmative action." No American ever voted to put these unconstitutional policies into place and once they are gone, they will be remembered as some of the most inhumane policies that have ever been enacted upon a native population by its government.

As a result of these policies, no American man under the age of 40 has been alive during a time when they were allowed to obtain the level of success that their own merit and work ethic would grant them if they were equal under the law. This has forced a second generation of American men to start at a lower economic plane than they would without these polices, live their entire lives under a system of government discrimination and demonation, and then prepare to pass on these conditions to their condition at an even lower level.

It is time that the Republican party lives up to its potential as the party of liberty and equality.

It is time to end "Affirmative Action" policies, and we will support candidates willing to do that ay any level of government.

Restoration of Rights

Enforcing US immigration laws will go a long with in the fight to restore rights to citizens as it will eliminate the disenfranchisement every citizen now faces. In addition to this, we will work to remove the foreign influences from our political discourse and our elections.

The primary method used by foreign nations to influence our political discourse is the control over our news, social media, and payment processors. This allows the governments of hostile nations to promote their own views under the guise of "news", to supress views and punish nationalists by denying them access to the public square and cutting off their ability to support themselves financially.

We will push legislation making it illegal for the citizen of any foreign nation to have ownership or employment at any instition that broadcasts as "news" in the US. To do anything else is to not only allow the propaganda of hostile nations, but to certify it as fact.

We will then prohibit any company from doing business in the US if they do not recognize the free speech and financial freedom of our citizens. No business that operates in the US as social media or as a payment processor can deny someone based upon political views. Period.

Finally, we will end the TSA and restore the 4th amendment.

We will not surrender this nation to the false song of globalism. - President Trump