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Enforce Immigration Laws
End Affirmative Action

Who We Are

We are a group of Republicans actively working to replace representatives that have failed to live up to expectations

Republican Party Members

We are a group of traditional Republicans. We have been precinct chairs, poll workers, and just regular conservative voters. We elected representatives who promised to fulfill the party platform.

Unwilling to Accept Failure

We will not accept elected Republicans that work against the party's official platform or fail to move the planks of the party platform forward. Both the US Congress and the Texas Legislature have failed to conserve our values.

Promoting New Leadership

We are now actively running primary candidates against US and Texas state representatives that have failed to live up to their promises. This is focused in Galveston, Jefferson, and Brazoria counties (TX-14)

Join Our Efforts

If you share our views on the need to enforce immigration laws and end affirmative action, and would like to see new representation that will advance those goals, add your name to our list or join our facebook group.

Our Core Issues

We support candidates that advocate for the immediate enforcement of all valid US immigration laws as well, ending the policies collectively known as "affirmative action, and restoring full rights to the American people"


We support the immediate and unconditional enforcement of immigration laws and reforming the current system. This includes refusing to accept "birthright citizenship" as well as ending chain migration and the lottery system.

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Affirmative Action

The policies collectively known as "affirmative action" were never voted on by the American people. They are some of the most destructive policies ever enacted upon a nation and we seek to immediately end these policies.

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Restoration of Rights

We cannot allow foreign corporations to dictate what can be said in the American discourse. We support a full electronic bill of rights with guaranteed access for all Americans to payment processors and social media.

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Join Us to enforce immigration laws, end affirmative action, and restore US rights